Thursday, June 13, 2013

Well, well, well! Will it be over on a technicality?

This afternoon, just hours away from the special meeting of the Saugus Union School District Board of Trustees, news broke that Mr.Winkler spent a significant portion of his term in violation of the residency code required of him in his role as Trustee.

You can read it HERE.

This matter is not yet resolved but we are hopeful that we are closer than ever.  Will this latest development mean it's over, or will we press on toward recall?

Click here to read CA Government Code Section 1770.

Meantime, parents, teachers, staff, and residents of SUSD will attend the meeting tonight to have their say.

Meeting time and location:

6:30 PM
SUSD Office
24930 Avenue Stanford
Santa Clarita, CA

See you there!

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